Evergreen Garden Idea to Make the Garden Green All the Time

Some people want their garden keep looking beautiful on all the time. If you are included as one of them, there is a good idea for you. You need to apply evergreen garden idea to make the garden is all green in all the season of the year. The main key are just you have to know about so many kinds of evergreen plants just to your choice in gardening. Then, another consideration is about the arrangement. It is important as you can have a beautiful view in your house if you can make it well arranged in all sides.

It is known that evergreen plant is divided into two; shrubs and trees. If you have large enough space in your garden, it is good to have trees in it. It can make a shady garden and add the ‘green’ look. Some kinds of evergreen trees are silver fir, live oak and so on. Meanwhile, it is suggested to plants some shrubs in your garden, such as, red cedar, hemlock and so on. It is an evergreen garden idea as that you have to apply to your garden. It is the key for you in making your garden green on all time.

The rest is just about the arrangement of the garden. For your suggestion, it is good to plant the shrubs under the trees. You need to unite them in a group of plants to make the view of the garden well organized. You can also enhance it by making a perennial garden to make the garden look so beautiful. It is also suggested to place the plants along the edge of the garden and let the middle of the garden is all empty. As a result, your evergreen garden idea will give a relaxing and green look on all the season.

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