Garden Roof Ideas for Urban People

The growth of urban people becomes greater from year to year. It makes the people start to live in the apartment. And, the result is people don’t have the backyard or garden. And, it makes what we called garden roof ideas appear.  It appears as the consequences of narrowing land for garden and backyard. There are some criteria and requirement to make this kind of garden in the apartment. The criteria and requirement must be fulfilled by the house owner.

Before we start to consult to architect and make our garden roof ideas we have to make sure that the government of our regency has allowed us to build this garden according to the high risk of this garden. After that, we have to choose carefully the material that will be used. We cannot use the same material as the material for usual garden. For example, to make safety we choose a plant that is resistant to wind, because the wind is greater for this garden and the plant that has light mass. And, also a plant that is resistant with high intensity of UV light.  The plants that are usually used are croton, rose, and orchid. So, don’t worry that we cannot choose a beautiful plant for this garden. And then, consult with architect about the design of this garden such as for the drainage system, the wind barrier that is suitable. And we must pay attention to the surroundings building whether the building disrupts the wind and the light or not.

Actually, the garden roof ideas spend a lot of cost because of the risk and the material. But, this garden can be an alternative way to enjoy the view and the great atmosphere. People can spend their family time in the night to see the night sky from their garden.

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