Several Garden Ideas without Grass

Looking at green comes from your garden will definitely get rid of your fatigue and tiredness. Having private garden ideas without grass in your residence is going to be useful, not only it beautifies your house it will also help you rejoicing your eyes after having activity the whole day. This kind of garden with no grass takes low maintenance, so that you do not need to spend your precious hours to take care your garden. Perhaps you may think that your garden is lack of something, a garden may not complete without any grass. But, that’s not a big deal, nowadays there are tons of ideas for you to build your grassless garden.

You may find lots of garden ideas without grass in the internet, but here I would like to give you some ideas about to make a grassless garden. First of all, you may need to consider about your space, decide whether you are going to make an indoor or outdoor garden. For indoor garden, you may cover the surface of your garden with natural stones to replace the grass. Meanwhile for outdoor or open garden you may just leave it as it is supposed to be, or you may also cover it with some materials as a floor.

The arrangement of plants and stones are crucial think in your garden. If you dream of completely low maintenance garden, you may use pots for your plants and some beautiful stones that used to be functioned as an ornament for building. This kind of garden ideas without grass is best applied in a type of minimalist residence which only has super limited space to be used as garden. You may do some experiment with your tiny grassless garden; just make sure that you arrange your garden in such way so that you can enjoy it without no difficulties to take care of it.

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